After having the pleasure of working with this company my review for their E-Juice line is as follows;

T-Rex (Strawberry & Cream)

Honestly one of the best melodies of both of these components , very high end flavour, and no nasty surprises.

Velociraptor (Cookies & Lime)

Im personally not a fan of lime , but if you are you will like this fusion of both biscuit and zesty merger .

Diplodocus (Donut & Fruit Filling)

Ive tried many donut flavours and sometimes get a odd zing of raspberry at the end BUT Raptor Juice’s melody is just fantastic, perfectly balanced.

Pterosaur (Cocoa Milk / Cereal & Raspberry)

Its very nice on the pallete like inhaling a really nice breakfast , the balance is wonderful.

Mosasaurus (Custard Pie)

There are many custard flavours out there some muted some overwhelming , but this juice is different , if they could breakdown a custard pie into a vape juice this is the result .

Astonished at the quality and price of this line , Thank you for supplying the general public , us vapers such a good product.

Go order your own and try for yourself over at there store Here


Such a welcoming atmosphere, Kind of has that wonderful feel that makes you think of being a child in a local games arcade , the place where everyone can relax and talk about their hobby.

Products – Private collection of juices from Longhorn Vapor are quite exquisite, a true feel of quality and flavor, So if you want a enjoyable experience head down to their store , or head to to their Website.



Well this is an outstanding establishment, fantastic selection of juices from many different premium companies, The manager is the type of guy you could sit and talk to all day.

Neal is a really nice gentleman his knowledge base is fantastic for new starters to longer users. 
There line of mod boxes and tanks are really new models and great prices too, What more could you ask for ?

So If your near Bilston pop in and have a chat you wont regret it. Smokebusters Website